A Closer Look at The Venture Hub, Spartan Advisory, and MetaStone Group: Investing in The Web3 Landscape


A Closer Look at The Venture Hub, Spartan Advisory, and MetaStone Group: Investing in The Web3 Landscape

After the most talked-about event in the entire cryptocurrency and web3 community, projects like the Venture Hub, Spartan Advisory, and MetaStone Group have captured the attention of many.

Following Token2049, among the attention-grabbing projects, we can include CoinW, which garnered attention due to its futuristic stance. Various projects attended this event, ranging from the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges to specialized hubs that are open for partnerships and project sponsorship.

Grants, venture capital, and Bug Bounty programs significantly differ in their goals and conditions. While grants are used to support projects that align with specific goals and values, venture capital targets startups with high growth potential, with a particular focus on financial returns.

Bug Bounty programs, on the other hand, are centered around ensuring user security by incentivizing the discovery of vulnerabilities on the platform and paying rewards for their identification.


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Grant initiatives in the cryptocurrency sphere include SingularityNET’s Deep Funding and the Interledger Foundation’s grant program, as well as WhiteBIT’s recent announcement of launching the WB Network Grants Program.

Previously, this company had already launched a Bug Bounty program, similar to many other platforms, offering rewards alongside exchanges like Bitfinex and Bittrex.To successfully apply for grants, projects must understand the goals and priorities of granters and focus on addressing real-world challenges.

In the case of Bug Bounty programs, the process is much simpler, as the standard procedure involves identifying vulnerabilities, reporting them to the platform, and receiving rewards, which typically have no limits.

In this article, I would like to explore three hubs that deserve attention, namely: The Venture Hub, Spartan Advisory, and MetaStone Group.

By the way, typically, in order to apply for partnerships, teams should adhere to the following points:

1. The project team must have a clear business/technological model and roadmap.

2. The team should also have confirmed skills/relevant experience.


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3. Having funding offers from leading venture capitalists is also necessary.

4. It is also important to have a well-developed technological model ready for rapid expansion of developers/users.

Review of The Venture Hub

Review of The Venture Hub

The Venture Hub is a venture project creator that helps startups reach new heights. The team offers its services in multiple markets, developing your project in the best locations in Asia, Europe, and the UAE.

They also assist startups in establishing themselves in coveted WEB3 access points, providing them with a thriving ecosystem and unprecedented access to grants and financing opportunities. With each endeavor, The Venture Hub makes a profound impact on the world, fostering startup success and transforming industries.

Positive reviews of The Venture Hub have been written by representatives of various projects to express their gratitude. Additionally, the project’s team comprises a diverse group of experts.

Key Features of The Venture Hub:

1. The project offers the organization of demo days and hackathons that stimulate innovation.

2. They provide startup

3. They provide startup expansion, market presence, revenue growth stimulation, and the development of effective tokenomics.

4. The project offers investment tools for exceptional startups, promoting a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration and growth.

5. They support startup development, covering market entry strategy, product design, tokenomics consulting, marketing, community building, legal advice, exchange listing support, and multi-identity planning.

6. They offer incubation, listing, and financial support, providing startups with the resources they need to thrive.

Grant information: The Venture Hub
Number of Projects:
 Over 100 successful strategies.
Transaction Value of Deals Closed: Information not available.

Application Process: You can submit an application by contacting the project via Telegram. Additionally, they offer a loyalty program where you can earn points that can be converted into rewards.

Spartan Advisory Review

Review of Spartan Advisory

Spartan Group is a company that is one of the leading players in the Webspace, also serving as one of the most active venture investors. The goal of Spartan Advisory is to combine the best practices of traditional finance with the innovations and creativity of the broader Web3 community. The project has established itself as a market leader, working with many leading global Web3 projects, corporations, and technology companies.

Key Features of Spartan Advisory:

1. They engage in capital raising, leveraging their experience with world-class teams while having significant experience in the crypto industry and an unparalleled network to create collective value with outstanding founders.

2. They have experts in Web3 deal-making, adept at mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and capital raising.

3. Likewise, they provide Web3 founders with the best strategic asset management solutions, using a fundamental approach to identify unique investment opportunities.

4. The team has over 20 years of investment research and capital management experience for leading companies like Goldman Sachs and Indus Capital.

5. They combine a deep fundamental approach with rigorous valuation analysis and reliable risk management to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

Grant information: Spartan Advisory
Number of Projects: 
Over 115 successful strategies.
Transaction Value of Deals Closed: $1 billion+

Application Process: You can submit an application directly on their website, where there is a special window to select your project category. Additionally, the team posts current job openings on their website.

Review of MetaStone Group

Review of MetaStone Group

MetaStone Group is an investment group specializing in Web 3.0 and other cutting-edge technologies. MetaStone Group is involved in the creation and investment of Web 3.0 technologies and infrastructure.

The business sectors of MetaStone Group include venture capital, hedge funds, quantitative FOFs, and combinatorial and innovative funds in the fields of SocialFi, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and more.

The combination of an exceptional founding team with innovative technologies, market knowledge, and capital resources forms the foundation for building the future of Web 3.0.

Key Features of MetaStone Group:

1. MetaStone understands the fundamental principles when modeling all hypotheses to find the best true path to solving any problem.

2. They utilize professional expertise and a rich resource network to expand project possibilities. They support teams in various aspects of enterprise management, resource consolidation, economic model development, and day-to-day management to form strategic partnerships.

3. The team employs artificial intelligence modeling through five years of big data learning, during which they systematically developed over 200 trading strategies.

4. The team primarily consists of Wall Street and IB (Investment Banking) professionals, possessing a rigorous risk management and control system, with years of accumulated active risk control methodologies. Meanwhile, the project monitors depreciation risks and actively manages positions to enhance net asset value.

Grant information: MetaStone Group
Number of Projects: 
Over 200 successful strategies.
Transaction Value of Deals Closed: Information not available.

Application Process: You can submit an application by sending an email, and there is also a dedicated window where you can specify the purpose of your inquiry, whether it’s regarding partnership, incubation, or investment.

The size of the “MetaX Combinator Fund-I” fund will start at $15 million USD and is intended to finance and support qualified startups and individuals.


The recent Token2049 event showcased the diversity and vitality of this ecosystem, bringing together a wide range of projects, from well-established exchanges to specialized hubs eager to partner and sponsor new initiatives.

Our exploration of three key hubs, The Venture Hub, Spartan Advisory, and MetaStone Group, highlights their significant contributions to the Web3 ecosystem. These organizations offer a wide range of services, from incubation and strategic support to investment opportunities, enabling startups to thrive and make a lasting impact.

As we continue to witness the dynamic evolution of Web3 and the cryptocurrency landscape, it’s clear that the collaboration between visionary projects and supportive hubs will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this exciting industry.

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