Binance Breaks Silence on Executive Detained in Nigeria, Denies Decision-Making Power

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Binance Breaks Silence on Executive Detained in Nigeria, Denies Decision-Making Power

Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, finds itself embroiled in a complex legal situation in Nigeria as its executive, Tigran Gambaryan, faces money laundering charges after five weeks in custody. Amid mounting charges and no resolution in sight, Binance has issued an official statement defending Gambaryan’s role within the company.

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Binance’s Defense of Detained Executive

In its official statement, Binance portrays Gambaryan as a former law enforcement professional and emphasizes that he holds no decision-making power within the exchange. Gambaryan, described as a global advocate for good governance and transparent financial practices, was hired in 2021 to assist Binance in addressing compliance issues. The exchange highlights his track record in assisting global law enforcement and developing compliance policies.

“Tigran is a strict law enforcement professional and is not part of Binance management. While he has left official service of the U.S. government, he has remained fully committed to the role of law enforcement officer ever since, operating as a global advocate for good governance and transparent regulatory financial practices,” the statement reads.


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Despite Binance’s efforts to engage with Nigerian regulators, the situation has intensified with the introduction of additional charges against the exchange. Anjarwalla, another executive implicated in the case, reportedly escaped the country using a fake passport in March. This development adds complexity to Binance’s legal battle in Nigeria, with the exchange’s future in the country remaining uncertain.

BNB price impact

As the legal battle unfolds, Binance’s future in Nigeria hangs in the balance. The exchange’s native token, Binance Coin (BNB), has maintained a sideways trading pattern amidst the uncertainty. With ongoing dialogue between Binance and Nigerian regulators, the outcome of the legal proceedings will shape the exchange’s operations in the region.

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Binance’s entanglement in Nigeria’s legal system underscores the challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges operating in regulatory gray areas. As the exchange navigates the legal landscape, the outcome will not only impact its operations in Nigeria but also serve as a precedent for regulatory engagement in the broader cryptocurrency industry.

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