Bitexen Exchange Review: Exploring the Cryptocurrency Landscape in Turkey


Bitexen Exchange Review: Exploring the Cryptocurrency Landscape in Turkey

In today’s world, cryptocurrencies have become an alternative for savings for many people, not only for Americans and Europeans but also for Turkish citizens. Relying on the findings of the Awareness and Perception of Cryptocurrencies research conducted by Paribu and FutureBright Group, awareness of cryptocurrency in Turkey has reached 99 percent.

Another important piece of information concerning trading platforms is the growth in the number of those who prefer domestic trading platforms. This figure, which was 51 percent last year, has increased to 64 percent, demonstrating that Turkish users are accustomed to using domestic products.

Review of Bitexen


After using Bitexen, I would like to tell you about it and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Bitexen exchange is a Turkey-based online platform for cryptocurrency trading developed by Bitexen Teknoloji A.Ş. Bitexen offers spot trading for Bitcoins and altcoins.


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The only supported fiat currency is the Turkish lira. There are various options for depositing and withdrawing funds, including bank transfers and cryptocurrency wallets. The platform has an average fee of 0.15% for makers and 0.25% for takers.

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The platform’s fees are fixed and cannot be reduced based on trading volume. However, there is an opportunity to receive cashback through the EXEN token. The cryptocurrency exchange is oriented towards active trading and allows the use of advisors and indicators with API support.

No investment solutions or referral programs are offered. The platform has a low starting deposit requirement of just 1 Turkish lira or its equivalent in another asset. Trading competitions are regularly held among traders, and there is a Twitter program rewarding users with fan tokens.

What the Platform Offers

Bitexen exchange lists more than three hundred digital assets for your buying and selling needs. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Cardano, as well as fan tokens, social tokens, and more than 300 assets securely.

The platform has its native token, EXEN. By holding it in your account, you can receive fee reimbursements and trade with very low fees. The platform emphasizes a high level of security and offers two-factor authentication (2FA).


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As one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey, providing a secure platform is a top priority for the company. Users can participate in the Bitexen Bug Bounty program to report vulnerabilities. Bitexen provides round-the-clock support to assist you with any questions or issues.

Strengths of Bitexen Exchange Compared to Competitors

Bitexen stands out from its competitors with several strengths:

  1. The exchange supports trading in Bitcoin, numerous altcoins, and tokens.
  2. There are no restrictions on trading strategies, and API support is available.
  3. The platform offers a user-friendly trading terminal and a convenient mobile application.
  4. Multilayer encryption ensures security.
  5. The exchange’s operations are regulated by government authorities.
  6. The asset pool is continually replenished through listings.

Weaknesses of Bitexen

While Bitexen has many strengths, it also has some weaknesses:

  1. The platform only supports the Turkish lira as a fiat currency.
  2. Bitexen does not offer investment programs.
  3. There are no demo accounts or solutions for beginners.

Football Shares the Same Energy as Cryptocurrencies

Turkish citizens, like many others around the world, have a strong interest in football. Perhaps due to this, many Turkish exchanges are adding fan tokens to reward users who are also football enthusiasts. In anticipation of the football season, large exchanges that collaborate with athletes and football clubs are increasingly confirming that cryptocurrency and sports share the same energy and dynamism.

  • For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is now closely associated with Binance, as evidenced by his recent interview where the footballer candidly answers lie detector questions, inspiring his fans beyond the field.
  • A year ago, a three-year sponsorship agreement was signed between the football club Trabzonspor and cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT, calling for collaboration between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and football fans in a united alliance.
  • Bitexen Exchange can also be associated with a football team like Antalyaspor, as the football team adopted the name Bitexen Antalyaspor, as seen in a photo post on Antalyaspor’s official account.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kemal Cenk Erdem, stated in one of his interviews,

“As Bitexen, we aim to provide extensive support to sports in our country. We enter into sponsorship and collaboration agreements in various fields, from esports to football, from basketball to motorsports. We bring together sports, athletes, and sports enthusiasts through the technologies we offer. We are a country that uses the most cryptocurrencies per capita in Europe. We strive to provide the right service to the right user, considering this potential from a broad perspective and explaining to people the opportunities offered by blockchain technology in every field. In line with this goal, we are pleased to introduce the residents of Antalya and Antalyaspor fans to Bitexen.”


Bitexen exchange is not only a reliable and diverse platform for cryptocurrency trading but also embodies a dynamic energy similar to the atmosphere of football matches. Just as in the world of football, where passion and enthusiasm fill the air, Bitexen users find motivation and opportunities for successful investments.

The fact that the exchange is associated with the Antalyaspor team underscores the connection between cryptocurrencies and football, two spheres that unite people and provide them with additional energy. With its advantages and a secure platform, Bitexen continues its path to success, enriching the Turkish crypto community and inspiring everyone ready to explore the world of digital assets.

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