CEOs who Created the Crypto World, Who are they?


CEOs who Created the Crypto World, Who are they?

Crypto World CEOs –  Who are the users who invest in digital currencies? For me, I call it simply “Crypto Fight Club.” You’ll ask me why – do you like the movie, or does it have a more profound context than I ever could have supposed? I guess it’s both.

Did you ever pay attention to how some people stare at you when you claim that blockchain technology is the future and that we have to develop AI and not be against it? I did.

And according to the philosophy of stoicism, I imagined how the entrepreneurs, influencers, and actually, my crypto idols would react to these negative positions about crypto. If we recall how the crypto world was discovered, it would be easy to draw the conclusion that we survived because of the group of dreamers who truly believed in and worked for this industry so hard.

Global Influential Figures in The Crypto Sphere

1. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase

CEOs who Created the Crypto World


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Brian and Fred Ehrsam established Coinbase in 2012 with the intention of making it simple for individuals to purchase, sell, and utilize cryptocurrencies. With millions of customers and a daily trading volume of billions of dollars, Armstrong has led Coinbase to become one of the most well-known and popular exchanges in the world. He has spoken out strongly in favor of the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and has done so at a number of conferences and gatherings.

Through his philanthropic organization, GiveCrypto, he has been actively supporting a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and has donated millions of dollars to charity. Armstrong works for Coinbase and is a director on the board of the Blockchain Association, which represents the cryptocurrency industry.

According to DataWallet information – It is estimated that Brian Armstrong’s net worth in 2023 could be anywhere from $2.4 billion to $2.8 billion. This number is based on his current stake in Coinbase and the projected growth of the exchange. His wealth has mostly been accumulated through a combination of his Coinbase shares (19%), stock options, salary, and investments. However, Brian’s net worth listed on Forbes is currently $2.5 billion.

“The average person may, at a high level, think of us as a digital currency bank, but we’re not a bank.”

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2. Charlie Lee, Litecoin

CEOs who Created the Crypto World


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One of the first Bitcoin derivatives, Litecoin was developed by Charlie Lee, who is most recognized for being a very successful entrepreneur in the emerging cryptocurrency sphere. Contrary to many other altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin) that were introduced in the early 2010s and have since launched, Litecoin has maintained its position as one of the top cryptocurrencies under Charlie’s leadership in a highly volatile market. 

According to Investopedia – Although Litecoin (LTC) has been cited as an underrated cryptocurrency and Lee is not as famous as certain other digital entrepreneurs (such as Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto and Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin), he has demonstrated impressive staying power in a highly competitive space. His strong track record is due not only to his technical expertise but also to his status as a highly respected social media influencer with one million followers within the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology community. 

Also, Charlie Lee discovered the fast-evolving mobile ecosystem due to the emergence of smartphones especially in India, and seized the opportunity to jump into business with university colleagues (Balance Hero co-founders Jay and Martin) in discussion with ‘New Business Strategy’ a market larger than Korea.

He developed the True Balance business model and launched a commercial platform for smartphone users to check their balance and recharge by utilizing this app. He also established Balance Hero’s in-house venture at Access Mobile.

Moreover, he has in-depth exposure to deal structuring, business investment, and telecom services. He is identified as a thought leader for the development and policy-making of the mobile ecosystem.

​​“My vision is people would use Litecoin every day to buy things. It would just be the payment method of choice.”

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3. Elizabeth Stark, Lightning Labs

Elizabeth Stark, Lightning Labs

When Elizabeth Stark developed an interest in Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology in 2011, she launched her career in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Stark also co-taught a course on Bitcoin and blockchain technology at Stanford, which aided in raising awareness of these technologies among students and researchers.

Stark co-founded Lightning Labs in 2015, a business devoted to creating the Lightning Network, a system intended to facilitate faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions. Since then, Stark has developed into one of the most recognized individuals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, and Lightning Labs has become one of the most prominent companies in those sectors. 

The Lightning Network is a layer-two protocol built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It is designed to enable faster and cheaper transactions by routing them through a network of payment channels. The Lightning Network has been hailed as a potential solution to some of Bitcoin’s scalability issues, and it has the potential to greatly increase the speed and efficiency of transactions on the network.

As the CEO of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark has played a key role in the development and adoption of the Lightning Network. Under her leadership, Lightning Labs has become one of the most important companies in the industry, with a focus on creating open-source software that can be used by developers and businesses alike.

“When you change how money is created and valued, there is going to be major pushback”

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4. Volodymyr Nosov, WhiteBIT

Volodymyr Nosov, WhiteBIT

What values should a self-made man live by in order to create a multimillion-dollar company, dominate the global cryptocurrency industry, and effectively conquer nations and continents? Volodymyr Nosov, the CEO of WhiteBIT, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, answered this question in numerous interviews. 

Volodymyr Nosov also commented that they aim to provide and maintain the necessary quality level for all products of the WhiteBIT ecosystem. Nosov said:

“Quality. That’s where you have to work at full capacity. Trying to bring your product to perfection and working on various partnerships is a recipe for success. My team and I strive to provide users with a convenient digital exchange full of necessary assets (not just BTC to USDT trading) and tools for all experience levels.”

Moreover, WhiteBIT entered the European market and made a collaboration with FC Barcelona. Cooperation between the sports and blockchain industry leaders is for three years: from 2022 to 2025 play seasons.

During this time, the cryptocurrency exchange will represent and collaborate with the main elements of the football club, such as the First Men and the First Women teams, the indoor sports ecosystem, namely basketball, handball, futsal, and roller hockey, the Barça Innovation Hub, and the Barça eSport team.

“So many crypto exchanges emerge these days. All these exchanges, including my own, WhiteBIT, try to popularize and encourage people to start using the blockchain. This one and many other tech phenomena are getting users ready for the future virtual realm”

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5. Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, Binance

Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao, Binance

The last person on my list of CEOs who have created the crypto world is none other than Changpeng Zhao. If you’re a crypto nomad, you would have heard about CZ one way or the other. He has become a prominent person in all things crypto, NFTs, Web3, and lots more. But what do we know about his way to success?

According to Sybershel- During the years Binance has been around, it has been hit with several challenges from all angles, and he has always tried to shift his curve, to fit the needs of the community and the company.

Due to China’s strictest law on cryptocurrencies. The country banned cryptocurrency transactions and any form of financial products related to cryptocurrencies in any way, which is the core of Binance, forcing the company to switch headquarters. The DOJ accused the company of shady cryptocurrency transactions that needed further investigation.

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Shortly after, the United States Department of Justice opened an investigation on the company for money laundering accusations, costing the company millions of dollars in shares and many other forms.

The life of CZ and his achievement is a tale of ups and downs, showing how tenacity and gut instinct can bring you anywhere in the world. The most significant lesson is that CZ never gave up and continued to learn new things.

Prior to Binance’s ascent to the top, CZ made alterations to the company. It is impossible to constantly perform the same thing and expect different results.

“Opportunities won’t come by every day. When it comes, if you can’t grab it, you won’t even know you missed it. If you can grab it, it’s called luck. Be lucky.”

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