Crypto Whales Amass TURBO, a ChatGPT-Made Meme coin

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Crypto Whales Amass TURBO, a ChatGPT-Made Meme coin

Crypto Whales Amass TURBO – The crypto community is excited about a new meme coin exclusively developed using ChatGPT. The coin TURBO has been noticed by whales in the market who have already started making huge investments in the meme coin.

Some significant investments include over 645 million TURBO tokens bought by BTC12 Capital (leishen.eth) with 600 ETH (equivalent to $1.14 million) at $0.001773.

Similarly, RookieXBT bought uy 61 million TURBO tokens with 48 ETH ($71K) over 11 hours ago. One of the features that make TURBO stand out is the technology behind it.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT was used to develop almost the entirety of the meme coin. From its tokenomics to whitepaper, roadmap, and even concept was all created by the AI tool.

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Also, the coin maintains to be community-driven which is no doubt given that it does not have any centralized mechanism behind it. The creation process was shared by Rhett Mankind on Twitter.

In his tweet, you can see every his conversation with ChatGPT which gave him every step to follow in creating the successful meme coin. Rhett described it as “a joke” that he is willing to follow through.

Furthermore, he showed a list of suggested names that ChatGPT gave for the coin. Amongst the suggested names include HypeHoundCoin (HHC), CryptoPupperToken (CPT), FomoFellneCoin (FFC), and of course TurboToadToken (TTT) which was later selected.

Crypto Whales Amass TURBO, a ChatGPT-Made Meme coin

Whales interest in Turbo

Crypto whales are beginning to consider TURBO as a more decentralized and better version of fellow trending meme coin PEPE. Considering that it was developed using ChatGPT, it has inspired a level of trust among crypto enthusiasts. This is mainly because ChatGPT is an AI tool and is not interested in making any profits from the asset.

Furthermore, its fully decentralized nature proves that the future of the coin is entirely in the hands of its community. This makes it a more decentralized asset which is significantly more attractive for investments.

TURBO price today

Live data from CoinMarketCap shows that TURBO is selling at $0.001094. Turbo is up 0.67% in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $89,404,391 USD. Finally, it has a max supply of 69,000,000,000 TURBO coins.

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