Evmos Rektdrop: How to claim using Metamask


Evmos Rektdrop: How to claim using Metamask

Ever since the bear market in the last quarter of 2021, massive price drops in crypto assets like ATOM, OSMO, and Ethereum saw many cryptocurrency users’ portfolios dwindle in value and many people made huge loss in the process.

Evmos which is a blockchain that bridges the Ethereum and cosmos ecosystem introduced the Rektdrop, the genesis airdrop for Evmos to support long-term users of ATOM, OSMO tokens that are feeling the pain of the market dip but also give compensation to the victims who got rekt pushing the EVM ecosystem.

In this article, 36crypto will highlight the valid steps to take to claim the Evmos Rektdrop and interact with the ecosystem.

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Evmos Rektdrop

Evmos Rektdrop and How to claim using Metamask

Users of Ethereum before 2021 and likewise long-term users of ATOM, OSMO and in the Cosmos ecosystem have a chance to claim 100 million $EVMOS airdrop worth $150 MILLION.

The snapshot for the Rektdrop was taken November 25th, 2021 at 19:00 UTC and 100 million EVMOS tokens have been airdropped to eligible recipients.

Use the step-by-step guide below for claiming your Rektdrop using metamask.

1. Log in to MetaMask

Click on the Metamask browser extension icon and select the account. Connect to Evmos, by adding the Evmos mainnet on Chainlist.

2. Connect Wallet

coonect wallet

Open the Evmos app, Click CONNECT WALLET and select MetaMask.

Rektdrop Eligibilty

Check if you are eligible to claim tokens from the Rektdrop. If you are eligible to claim, click on the CLAIM button and proceed to the next step.

3. Vote on a Governance Proposal

claim rektdrop

Click on Vote to accept or reject the proposal. The more tokens you have staked, the more weight your vote has.

vote rektdrop

Select Governance in the left sidebar, select an Active proposal from the list, and confirm your vote.

4. Stake your Tokens

stake rektdrop

Select Staking in the left sidebar, choose a validator and click manage to stake your tokens to that validator.

5. Execute a cross-chain transfer

cross-chain transfer rektdrop

Select Claim Your Rektdrop in the left sidebar, click TRANSFER to perform a cross-chain transfer, and send a small amount of EVMOS tokens to your Osmosis address.

6. Use the EVM

EVM transaction

Select MISSION CONTROL, and scroll through the list of APPS ON EVMOS. Interact with dApps on the Evmos dApp Store and make a confirmed transfer.

You’ve just claimed 100% of your airdrop. Explore more dApps on Evmos and use Tokens to interact with the Evmos chain.

Risk Disclaimer

Do not export your private keys or seed phrases between wallets. Transfer your balance from one wallet to another before engaging in any further transaction on your preferred wallet.

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