Just In: CFTC Tries to Limit the Scope of Gambling on Political Struggle

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Just In: CFTC Tries to Limit the Scope of Gambling on Political Struggle

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has taken an unprecedented step by prohibiting the listing and clearing of contracts associated with political events. In light of the increasing question marks about the role of private money in the electoral process, this bill protects people’s fundamental right to decide their leader.

CFTC’s Take on Sports Betting Contract

The regulatory board’s opinions incorporate their doubts that betting on election results may threaten the electoral system. CFTC Chair Behnam pointed to increased futures contracts based on key vulnerability events since 2021. He provided one more piece of evidence: “Even more event contracts were listed for trading in 2021 than in the previous 15 years.” Given this trend, it is easy to understand why regulating cryptocurrency trading is essential nowadays.

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An event contract on the Kalshi and Polymarket platforms has enabled speculation regarding various political and other future outcomes. In 2022, The CFTC took a Kalshi contract into disapproving on political themes, which generated tension about the limits of CFTC authority.


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The Proposed Regulations have Received Varied Reactions 

As in the case of the new proposal, it will also be contrary to mandate a ban on any contract that entails gambling, warfare, terrorism, and assassination. Behnam stressed the point that such boundaries must be established to ensure fair competition, to maintain public interest, and to avoid the degradation of the democratic process. An explicit clause is presented about contracts being forbidden, as that is one of the ways the commission opposes political campaigns.

Whereas the motive for regulation is well-intentioned, the regulatory measure has simultaneously triggered a backlash. The commissioner, Caroline Pham, disagreed with the proposal by asking whether the rulemaking fitted into the laws and procedures of the country. She has prompted the Government Accountability Office to consider it and thereby investigate its implications.

Simultaneously, the CFTC’s initiative may become an exemplary, innovative policy to delimit the commission’s activity in the realm of financial market regulation and distinguish it from the issues of electoral interventions. With the public comment period now underway, various stakeholders from different sectors are anticipated to make their stand that would determine what will become of the controversial matter at hand.

This move by the CFTC is more likely to be crucial among the advancements of the financial markets, where event derivatives act as the core of democracy in America. As the discourse flows, one can safely assume that the result of this rulemaking is likely to influence the assembly of event wagering and the sanctity of political processes.

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