PayPal Introduces PYUSD to USD for International Transfers Via Xoom

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PayPal Introduces PYUSD to USD for International Transfers Via Xoom

PayPal takes a groundbreaking leap into the crypto realm by unveiling PYUSD to USD conversions, facilitating zero-fee international transfers through its Xoom service. This strategic move aligns with PayPal’s vision of reducing costs and enhancing accessibility in cross-border transactions, echoing the World Bank’s call for more affordable remittance solutions.

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Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption

The integration of PYUSD into cross-border payments underscores PayPal’s commitment to catalyzing mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. José Fernandez da Ponte, PayPal’s SVP of blockchain, crypto, & digital currency, emphasizes the company’s mission to integrate crypto assets seamlessly into everyday transactions, positioning PayPal as a frontrunner in the crypto space.

“Enabling U.S. users of Xoom the option to fund cross-border money transfers using PYUSD builds on our goal of driving mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies while also offering an easy way to securely send money to friends and family at a lower cost,” he said.


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While PayPal’s foray into stablecoins heralds a new era of financial innovation, it also navigates regulatory complexities. The stablecoin landscape has faced intense scrutiny, exemplified by Meta Platforms’ Diem project’s setback. Despite regulatory hurdles, PayPal remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing PYUSD as a reliable and compliant stablecoin option.

Competition and Collaboration

As PayPal pioneers PYUSD, it enters a dynamic stablecoin market dominated by Tether and Circle’s USDT and USDC. However, with the imminent launch of Ripple’s USD-denominated stablecoin and other entrants like Deutsche Bank’s DWS Group, the stablecoin sector promises fierce competition and collaboration, driving innovation and choice for consumers.

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Despite legal challenges and regulatory scrutiny, PayPal’s PYUSD initiative symbolizes a paradigm shift in global remittance and financial transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology and stablecoins, PayPal aims to revolutionize cross-border transfers, foster cryptocurrency adoption, and usher in a new era of financial efficiency and inclusivity.


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