Ripple vs SEC Latest News: Countdown to Settlement?

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Ripple vs SEC Latest News: Countdown to Settlement?

As the tension and much-awaited verdict between Ripple’s battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) heightens, the eagerness of the public for a favorable outcome is becoming palpable. The very recent events seem to pinpoint the long-standing issue’s resolution as the two sides prepare for vital steps at the same time in the legal fight over XRP.

Settlement Talks Spark Speculation

On the heels of a town-hall-style settlement conference recently, the buzz is swirling on the anticipated settlement negotiations to fray in the next few days between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The earlier ruling by Judge Torres becomes a starting point for resolving the issue between SEC and Ripple, and the downtown of XRP greatly depends on this case.

As the XRP dispute evolves, April seems to have turned into a be-or-not outcome point for the case. Ripple’s refutation of the SEC is deemed to take place on April 22nd, with the authority requesting a very harsh penalty of almost $2 billion. The results of the hearing may well not only have an impact on Jain and the argued activities but also may draw the attention of the crypto community to the work of the Committee.

Afterward, there is the “Final Pretrial Conference” on April 16th, based on the US District Court calendar for Southern New York. Yet, strange cloudiness is hanging around the functioning of this meeting, with the courtroom details listed as “TBD”. Which one means that following the talks, judges are decided or are there surprises coming?

Battle Lines Drawn

However, even after the SEC case against Ripple executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen was dismissed, the SEC continued to try an appeal that would bring their judgment. The regulatory authority is requesting an injunction, disgorgement, interest, and penalties to the tune of millions of dollars and hence this matter will most likely end in a showdown in the Courts.

Private talks, the late unfreezing of XRP, and the insider opinion on the case bring the subject settlement vivid. The level of suspense and uncertainty experienced by stakeholders ascends to its highest pitch and they are all very eager to get confirmation on a clear picture of the new regulatory view on XRP and the general landscape.


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Legal Chess Moves

Past months have brought Coinbase’s lawsuit against the SEC a positive end and Ripples’ defenders an opportunity to call for clarification regarding secondary market dealings, this development has only contributed to the ongoing unresolved nature of the XRP issue. When the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals issues a denial for the SEC in another version of the case, the public is getting ready for what could be the last card in Ripple Labs.

During the legal searches and other legal battles going on, experts from the industry are examining the consequences of ongoing litigation. Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, stressed that it “lights the path for digital asset innovation” while widely pro-XRP analysts such as lawyer Bill Morgan speculate about the implications of such a finding on the wider crypto market.

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After the cryptocurrency war between “Ripple vs SEC” comes the crypto community preparing for a change that may prove to be a landmark in the dialog between the government and the crypto world. The involvement of multi-billion dollar corporations and lots more are on the line for this latest chapter of the riveting legal drama.

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