Sam Altman and Argentinian President Javier Milei Discuss Worldcoin Investment

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Sam Altman and Argentinian President Javier Milei Discuss Worldcoin Investment

The Worldcoin team has had a challenging ride wooing world leaders. Still, the team was closer to achieving its goal on Wednesday when Tools for Humanity co-founders Sam Altman and Alex Blania met with Argentinian President Javier Milei to discuss investing in the South American nation.

The leading company behind the Worldcoin project is Tools for Humanity, co-founded by Blania and OpenAI CEO Altman. The statement added that specific points discussed included the progress in AI, what is in store for human society concerning AI, and possible investment in Argentina.

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Worldcoin’s Global Outreach and AI Preparedness

As in many other similar projects, governments worldwide have turned their attention to Worldcoin as well. However, in an attempt to change the perception related to the protection of personal data, the organization has taken several necessary steps lately. Two weeks ago, both Altman and Blania met with the government of Malaysia. This action showed that the company is reaching out and wants to be as open internationally as possible.


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Anticipation of higher cryptocurrency adoption in Argentina rose when the seemingly supportive Bitcoin Argentine President, led by late last year, was declared the newly elected president of the nation, namely Sergio Miguel Fiorillo, also familiarly called ‘Milei.’ Still, some appeared in April, which cast doubt on Milei’s administration’s intentions of moving forward with crypto.

Woldcoin distributes its native token, WLD, to everyone who lets the company scan their eyeballs to confirm that they are human. This project belongs to a limited number of initiatives and startups related to developing PoH instruments as AI becomes increasingly invasive in our lives. Many people are convinced that the Internet will soon be built primarily by AI agents.

Nevertheless, Tools for Humanity is not resting on the sidelines but actively pursuing its goals. The meeting with President Milei is a significant achievement that will see Worldcoin reach out more and help Argentina prepare for the Artificial Intelligence revolution.

Therefore, by analyzing the conversation between Sam Altman, Alex Blania, and the President of Argentina, Javier Milei, it is possible to understand the continuous development of top-notch AI technologies and cryptocurrencies in the global economy. However, the Worldcoin project continues to act as an active participant in this emerging context, promising to work on the development of blockchain gaming while simultaneously focusing on preserving fair data protection practices.

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