Toncoin Sparks Telegram Ad Revolution, Check Out the New Bot Promotion

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Toncoin Sparks Telegram Ad Revolution, Check Out the New Bot Promotion

Telegram, the popular messaging platform, has introduced a groundbreaking ad system powered by Toncoin, the native currency of the TON Blockchain. This move marks a significant shift in social media monetization and offers creators a generous revenue-sharing model.

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Creator-Friendly Revenue Sharing Model

Telegram’s new ad system boasts one of the most creator-friendly revenue-sharing models in social media history. Channel owners with over 1,000 subscribers can now earn a remarkable 50% of the ad revenue generated from their channels. With Telegram channels collectively generating over 1 trillion monthly views, this presents a lucrative opportunity for creators to monetize their content.

Channel owners can withdraw their earnings without any fees, providing them with greater financial flexibility. Additionally, they have the option to reinvest their earnings within the Telegram ecosystem. This includes promoting their content or running giveaways for users who subscribe to Telegram Premium.


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Toncoin-Based Advertising

Telegram is introducing Toncoin-based advertising, allowing users to purchase ads with Toncoins. This cryptocurrency, powered by the TON Blockchain, offers advantages such as low fees, high transaction speed, and scalability. This innovative approach democratizes advertising, enabling anyone to promote their bot or channel with ease.

Granular Control and Privacy

Advertisers benefit from granular control, selecting the exact channels where their ads appear. This ensures maximum relevance and effectiveness for their advertising campaigns. Importantly, Telegram Ads prioritize user privacy by avoiding data tracking, setting them apart from traditional social media advertising models.

Telegram’s Vision for Decentralization

Telegram’s strategic plan emphasizes decentralization and stability within the Toncoin ecosystem. CEO Pavel Durov has committed to limiting Telegram’s share of Toncoin to approximately 10% of the total supply, ensuring a fair distribution of the cryptocurrency.

Market Performance of Toncoin

Despite fluctuations, Toncoin has demonstrated resilience in the market, with a current price of $5.27 and positive trading volume. This reflects investor confidence in Toncoin’s prospects and Telegram’s innovative approach to social media monetization.

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Telegram’s introduction of Toncoin-powered advertising represents a paradigm shift in social media monetization. With its creator-friendly revenue-sharing model, emphasis on privacy, and commitment to decentralization, Telegram is paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable advertising ecosystem.


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As the platform continues to evolve, the impact of Toncoin-based advertising on the broader digital landscape remains to be seen, but its potential for transforming social media monetization is undeniable.

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