Luck Meets Crypto, Twitter Users Receive 7 ETH Airdrop Simply by Pasting their Address

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Luck Meets Crypto, Twitter Users Receive 7 ETH Airdrop Simply by Pasting their Address

Twitter Users 7 ETH Airdrop – Due to how quickly currencies can increase in value, the crypto world has seen some astounding success stories since its start.

When it appears that we have seen it all, however, something new occurs to serve as a reminder to those working in the industry that anything is possible with cryptocurrency. This time, a 5-figure airdrop was offered to anyone who did nothing more than copy and pastes their wallet addresses under a tweet.



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Twitter Users Score Big with 7 ETH Airdrop for Pasting Wallet Address

On April 29, @wsbmod, a Twitter user with over 266,000 followers, posted a request for users to paste the addresses of their Ethereum wallets.

The cryptic post said nothing about an airdrop or even whether there would be a token. However, some individuals did hand over their wallets out of what can be assumed to be curiosity.

See Tweet Below:

Up until the WSB token’s introduction on the Ethereum network, the post would remain undiscovered for a further few days. Those who had commented with their wallets were asked to visit the website after it went online in order to claim their airdrops, but what happened next was totally unexpected.

Airdrop claimants soon learned that their allocations were worth far more than they had anticipated because of the WSB token’s rising price. One claimant said they were able to sell the tokens for more than 7 ETH after getting them. This item was worth $13,628 at the time of the claim.

WSB Token’s Market Cap Surpasses $40 Million, Making Waves in Crypto Community

The 5-figure airdrop’s announcement quickly traveled around the cryptocurrency Twitter community and has so far contributed to the rise of the digital asset. Only one day after launch, it reached a high of $0.0008 on Tuesday, increasing its market cap by more than $40 million.

The number of WSB holders has increased proportionately, approaching 5,000 over the past day. Its development has also been aided by rumors linking it to the notorious Wall Street Bets subreddit. It’s interesting to note that WSB’s liquid has increased to approximately $1.64 million at this time.

The popularity of WSB has now given rise to a new trend of Twitter airdrop tokens that urge people to paste their Ethereum addresses. There haven’t yet been any that have been able to match WSB’s level of success.

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