Unlocking Bitcoin’s Potential: Introducing Merlin Chain, a Native L2 Solution

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Unlocking Bitcoin’s Potential: Introducing Merlin Chain, a Native L2 Solution

NewYork, United States, January 31st, 2024, Chainwire

This week, the much-anticipated Bitcoin L2 solution Merlin Chain went live on its testnet, while its mainnet is also scheduled to launch within a month.

Bitcoin’s Network Congestion Dilemma and Scaling Solutions

The evolution of Ordinals over the past year has brought attention back to the Bitcoin ecosystem after a long period. While enhancing the excitement of the Bitcoin ecosystem, it has also increased the exhaustion of network resources.

The increasingly high cost of transactions, coupled with the rising price of Bitcoin, has added further congestion to the network and discouraged new users from becoming interested in Bitcoin.


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Unlocking Bitcoin's Potential: Introducing Merlin Chain, a Native L2 Solution

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(Bitcoin Daily Average Transaction Fee $: YCharts)

The idea of developing an EVM-compatible L2 network has been recognized as the one that would deliver the results first due to the simpleness of its implementation path.

Merlin Chain is also one of the EVM-compatible L2 chains developed by Bitmap Tech (formerly Recursiverse). This team built BRC-420 protocols and Bitmap.game, and is highly valued by the community due to the team’s past successes.


The BRC-420 protocol supports the combination/recursion of any file format to form a more complex inscription. Whether it’s a character image, a game script, a virtual machine, or an AI model, it can become an asset on Bitcoin.

Its core asset, the Blue Box, has risen from an inscription cost of $0.15 to an ATH floor price of $26,000, and other assets such as Mineral and This Song About NFTs are among the most actively traded assets on the OKX market. It now has 1000+ developers and 600+ collections and has been an excellent performer even during the bear market, with the price only going up and never falling.


Bitmap.Game is a fully on-chain, fully decentralized, fair-launch metaverse project. It is based on the Digital Matter Theory that underlies Bitcoin and is open-sourced so that it can be run or verified by any client, reflecting the concept of “client agnosticism” in fully on-chain games.

During this time, Bitmap’s market capitalization has risen from $3 million to an ATH of $290 million. With over 30,000 holders, Bitmap has surpassed Sandbox as the metaverse asset with the highest number of holders across all blockchains.

Unlocking Bitcoin’s Potential Through Innovative Magic

Merlin Chain believes that L2 of Bitcoin should not just be about transferring money inexpensively, or just about being able to have the DApps, but should be about further innovating to unlock the potential of Bitcoin through its native assets, users, and protocols.

Unlocking Bitcoin's Potential: Introducing Merlin Chain, a Native L2 Solution

For example, as Bitmap is a completely decentralized asset, how to make games based on it, so that Bitmap users can enter various meta-universes at a low cost; or for the DeFi protocols based on BRC-420, how to give two-way empowerment to NFT and FT; and for minting inscriptions, how to mint L1 assets on L2 more cost-effectively and flexibly. Only these “Bitcoin-native” innovations can continue to empower the ecosystem, rather than replicating the way Ethereum works.

Unlocking Bitcoin's Potential Through Innovative Magic

So far, Merlin Chain has built a powerful DApp ecosystem, the liquidity concerns have been effectively addressed and is planning for further expansion.

Leveraging ZK-Rollup for Efficient and Secure Scaling

The diverse ecosystem and assets also imply higher throughput requirements and some safety risks. To solve this problem, Merlin Chain has adopted ZK-Rollup which enables the compression of a large number of transaction proofs into a simple check-sum to improve transaction efficiency and scalability.

The sequencer nodes on Merlin Chain are responsible for collecting and batching transactions and generating compressed transaction data, ZK state roots, and proofs via zkEVM. The compressed transaction data and ZK Proofs are then uploaded via the decentralized Oracle network to the taproot on Bitcoin L1, which is available to the entire network to ensure transparency and security.

The decentralized Oracle network nodes will be required to stake $BTC to prevent improper activities. Users can initiate challenges to the ZK-Rollup based on compressed data, ZK state roots, and ZK Proof. Successful challenges result in a rollback to the last verified state, and the forfeiture of the Oracle node’s locked $BTC, ensuring the system’s security and trustworthiness.

Through the integration of these technologies, Merlin Chain has shown its superior technical capabilities and is on track to build an efficient, secure, and native Bitcoin L2 solution.

Native Integration – Merlin Chain’s Bitcoin-Centric Approach

Compared to other Bitcoin L2s that are making attempts at the moment, one of the key features of Merlin Chain is that it is “Bitcoin Native”.

As a strong believer in Bitcoin for many years, Merlin Chain is extremely committed to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and seeks to bring more users and assets to Bitcoin through their work, rather than serving other ecosystems in the name of Bitcoin. As such, Merlin Chain places a high value on the native Bitcoin nature of its ecosystem’s projects and users.

Merlin Chain supports bitcoin-native wallets. Empowered by the Particle Network’s account abstraction, users can use their Bitcoin wallets to seamlessly switch between L1 and L2. Users can also experience $BTC swaps with other tokens, such as stablecoins, at any time without having to switch to an EVM wallet.

Native Integration - Merlin Chain's Bitcoin-Centric Approach

In addition, Merlin Chain will support most of the major protocols on Bitcoin L1, including, but not limited to, BRC-20, Bitmap, BRC-420, Atomicals, SRC20, and Pipe. All inscriptions on L1 will be automatically whitelisted by Merlin Chain, allowing users to safely and affordably trade on it.

Native Integration - Merlin Chain's Bitcoin-Centric Approach

In line with its pursuit of “Bitcoin Native”, Merlin Chain plans to adopt BRC-20 as its governance token. This makes a lot more sense than other Bitcoin L2s that are currently using Ethereum standard tokens as governance tokens.

The token will be released through a fair launch, except for a small portion that will be distributed to VCs and the team, which will be given a 48-month release period that will not start within two years, demonstrating the team’s and investors’ confidence in Merlin Chain.

Bridging the Gap – Simplifying Bitcoin Adoption and Fuel Growth

Another tricky issue for the builders in the Bitcoin ecosystem is the lack of new users and new money coming in. While the Ordinals things have continued to be on fire, the number of active addresses has not seen significant growth. It is just the same group of people involved in different projects.

A very fundamental reason for this is the complexity of Bitcoin. As well as the need to download a Bitcoin wallet, inscribing is also not very easy to understand, and users will need to spend at least two blocks of their time inscribing, as well as three blocks of their time for confirmation, which is complicated and time-consuming.

Bridging the Gap - Simplifying Bitcoin Adoption and Fuel Growth

(Daily Active Bitcoin Address: Glassnode)

Merlin Chain will solve this problem. Currently, Merlin Chain has been connected to 40 Ethereum chains, so those users who are not familiar with Bitcoin, can use their familiar wallets, such as MetaMask, and their familiar assets, such as stablecoins, $ETH, $BNB, etc. to interact on Merlin Chain. Users don’t need to know the principles behind Bitcoin, or even what BRC-20 and Atomicals are before they can experience Bitcoin in its native manner in their familiar way.

Bridging the Gap - Simplifying Bitcoin Adoption and Fuel Growth

For this purpose, Merlin Chain is going to integrate the first multi-chain inscription DApp, which will allow users to inscribe assets on other layers, including Bitcoin L1, on Merlin Chain. It will only take one block to wait for.

At the same time, a launchpad will also be available on Merlin Chain, with a mechanism that allows every inscription launched on it to be valued at 100,000 FDV, allowing more users to easily purchase assets such as the BRC-20/ BRC-420/ Atomicals/ Runes at a very low price. Additionally, as part of its commitment to decentralization, Merlin Chain is going to release most of its governance tokens to the community.

Users can stay tuned for the upcoming mainnet launch – the future of Bitcoin is about to unfold with Merlin Chain at the helm.

About Merlin Chain

Merlin Chain is a Bitcoin Layer2 that integrates the ZK-Rollup network, decentralized oracle network, and on-chain BTC fraud-proof modules. Merlin Chain is committed to empowering Bitcoin’s native assets, protocols, and products on Layer1 through its Layer2 network, to Make Bitcoin Fun Again.

Merlin Chainis a subsidiary product line of Bitmap Tech, a premier OG team boasting an overall market cap exceeding $500 million. The BRC-420 “Blue Box” collection under Bitmap Tech has become one of the hottest assets on Ordinals.

Users can start following Merlin Chain’s Twitter for more updates.


Merlin Chain

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