Unlocking the Power of Crypto Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide


Unlocking the Power of Crypto Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide

Crypto tracking apps are quickly gaining popularity within the crypto space. These tools help to simplify your trading journey. Whether you are an experienced investor or a beginner, Crypto portfolio tracker apps can give a seamless experience.

In today’s world, cryptocurrencies are widely used, but many people may not be aware of certain tools that can help track and facilitate trading. For the advanced cryptocurrency enthusiast, there are numerous opportunities to streamline their cryptocurrency endeavors, thanks to a plethora of tools that not only monitor prices but also track historical transactions, examine the destination path of cryptocurrencies, and make trading and asset accumulation more accessible and understandable.

Below, we provide a carefully selected list of the best tools for your successful trading. We’ll explore their features and clarify what cryptocurrency portfolio trackers and trading bots are.

Types of Crypto Portfolios

There are various types of cryptocurrency portfolios, which can be differentiated by their balanced, risk profile, and investment horizon.


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Types of Crypto Portfolios

Types of Crypto Assets for Portfolios

The cryptocurrency market is expanding rapidly, with various projects offering technological solutions, enhanced savings capabilities, contributions to Web3, and more. A well-structured crypto portfolio typically comprises assets with diverse functionalities and purposes.

Types of Crypto Assets for Portfolios

To simplify your trading optimization, we offer a solution that helps you track and systematize assets in your portfolio.

Tools for Trading Optimization

1. Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker:

A website or application that offers crypto tracking and allows users to manage their assets online. Real-time trackers provide information on cryptocurrency prices, trading activity, supply fluctuations, market capitalization, and other key indicators.

Our Choice for Best Crypto Tracking App


Best Crypto Tracking App

Source: Coinstats

Today, many platforms offer crypto tracking services. However, our choice is CoinStats because this service offers portfolio integration with over 300 platforms.

Reasons to Choose CoinStats Crypto tracking app:

1. Military-Grade Encryption: Coinstats prioritize user privacy and use advanced military-grade encryption to securely store data.

2. Security in Everything: Coinstats crypto tracker protects you from external threats and misuse of insider access.

3. Industry Best Practices: Ultimately, Coinstats implement advanced security measures to ensure your account’s safety.

Coinstats Features

1. The Chain Activity function allows you to track wallet actions, focusing on chains with potential airdrops. This function helps evaluate airdrop receipts and compare wallet activity with overall chain actions (supported for airdrops on chains like zkSync, Starknet, Polygon, zkEVM, etc.).

2. Wallet Explorer is a feature that allows you to explore and track wallet addresses, ENS domains, and NFTs without switching between blockchain explorers. This feature offers comprehensive wallet analytics, including asset distribution, portfolio efficiency relative to the market, and PnL estimation.


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How to Connect CoinStats:

  1. Create a profile on CoinStats using your Google account. CoinStats is available not only on the web but also on smartphones with Android and iOS systems.
  2. Once you open the CoinStats app, you’ll see a cryptocurrency ranking from the highest to the lowest market capitalization. All cryptocurrencies will be displayed, and you can find information about how much their prices have changed in the last 24 hours and their current prices.
  3. If you’re not interested in the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies at the moment, you can set your favorite cryptocurrencies to track on the Favorites tab on the main screen. The next tab provides information about market changes in the last 24 hours and exchange statistics.
  4. All prices are displayed in US dollars, but you can change this by clicking on USD in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. If you want to find the price of a specific cryptocurrency, click on the magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the screen and search for it by name or abbreviation.
  6. CoinStats Portfolio — Add your portfolio’s status and track its value.
  7. On this tab (marked with a file icon in the bottom menu), you can manually add the cryptocurrencies you own, along with information about how many units of each cryptocurrency you have and how much you bought them for.
  8. CoinStats will calculate the percentage of profit or loss from your investment and its value in dollars or bitcoins.
  9. If you make many trades, manually adding and removing information about your purchases would be inconvenient. Here, the automatic connection of your portfolio in CoinStats to your stock market account or wallet comes in handy.
  10. All you need is to create an API key on your stock market account, for example, on Binance. Once it’s created, scan the QR code displayed on Binance with the CoinStats app. This way, the app gains access to information about your Binance account, reads your holdings and purchase price data and updates this information automatically whenever you buy or sell on Binance using the API feed.

2. Cryptocurrency Trading Bots:

A tool that executes processes designed to maximize profits based on your investment goals. You can quickly earn money, secure your coins, or diversify your portfolio through automated cryptocurrency trading. You can even actively trade cryptocurrencies on one platform while automating your trading on others.

Optimization Trading Apps

Optimization Trading Apps

GoodCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management app that allows trading on over 35 popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It aims to help traders make informed decisions and utilize advanced trading features.

Reasons to Choose GoodCrypto:

1. GoodCrypto offers numerous bots to help traders automate their trading strategies and increase profitability regardless of market trends.

2. GoodCrypto’s bots can help you achieve quick profits by executing multiple trades on your behalf. Try bot strategies for trading on WhiteBIT and remain active in the market 24/7, increasing your PnL with minimal effort.

3. Bot strategies developed by GoodCrypto are fully available for trading on WhiteBIT Futures. Choose the best bot that matches the current market trend and trade with leverage up to 20x on the exchange.

GoodCrypto Features:

1. Grid bot — which functions exactly as we described previously in this article.

GoodCrypto Features:

Source: GoodCrypto

2. DCA Bot — The bot works by accumulating assets over time and averaging down the entry price if the price moves against the trader.

GoodCrypto Features:

Source: GoodCrypto

3. Infinity trail — which continuously opens trailing stop orders. As a buy order is filled, the bot opens a sell order of the same size.

Unlocking the Power of Crypto Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide



The digital asset market’s rapid growth and complexity have given rise to a plethora of tools designed to assist users in navigating this exciting but challenging space. In this ever-expanding market, informed decision-making is crucial, and that’s where tools like CoinStats crypto tracking app and GoodCrypto come into play.

Ultimately, the cryptocurrency world is ever-evolving, and success depends on your ability to adapt and leverage the right tools. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer, these tools are here to streamline your journey, enhance your understanding of the market, and ultimately help you achieve your crypto trading goals. As you explore these tools, remember to stay informed, stay vigilant, and always make choices aligned with your unique investment objectives and risk tolerance.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors. Please do your own research before taking any action. 36Crypto will not be held liable for any loss incurred while interacting with these tools.

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