AI vs. Cryptocurrencies, Bill Gate’s Insight: A Comprehensive Look at Technology Trends


AI vs. Cryptocurrencies, Bill Gate’s Insight: A Comprehensive Look at Technology Trends

Google searches for “AI” this year have surpassed Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in terms of the number of queries, and according to Collins Dictionary, “AI” has become the most recognized word of 2023.

In November 2021, OpenAI delighted us with the launch of ChatGPT, leading to a consistent increase in the number of “AI” searches on Google. Based on Google Trends data, users on Google were much more interested in searching for artificial intelligence (AI) this year than in “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrencies.” Since 2020, the search interest in the word “Bitcoin” and, at times, “crypto” used to outpace searches for “AI,” but Google’s data shows that the situation began to change around August 2022.

AI vs. Cryptocurrencies: Dynamics of Search Interest in 2023

Cryptocurrency assets not associated with AI continued to exhibit a sideways trend throughout the same period, concluding a decline that began in the second quarter of 2022. As of June 2023, sentiments remained low, and Google search queries for the term “cryptocurrency” dropped to the lowest level since 2020.

Search queries for the term “AI” began around November 2022, the same month OpenAI ChatGPT was launched, and since then, the gap with search queries related to cryptocurrencies has widened.


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AI vs. Cryptocurrencies: A Comprehensive Look at Technology Trends

Search interest in AI far outpaced that of crypto or Bitcoin in 2023. Source: Google Trends

In 2023, the search interest in artificial intelligence far surpassed the interest in cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin. According to Google Trends, the global search interest in “AI” is currently evaluated at 91, while Bitcoin is at a level of 22. Google assesses search queries on a scale from 0 to 100 based on the proportion of the topic in the overall volume of search queries across all topics.

While the results may not be surprising at this moment, considering Bitcoin is experiencing a bullish trend and trading at $45,128, showcasing its complete recovery after the bearish phase and reclaiming lost positions.

Bitcoin price chart

Bitcoin(BTC) price 3.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Bitcoin started the year at $16,900, significantly below its record high of $68,729 on November 11, 2021. However, it has since increased by approximately 150%, reaching $43,400 at the time of publication, according to Coinstats data.

Bitcoin price 2021

Bitcoin(BTC) price 21.11.2021. Source: Tradingview

Google Trends indicates that the highest interest in Bitcoin has been generated from Salvador, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Switzerland.

AI vs. Cryptocurrencies: A Comprehensive Look at Technology Trends

Google search interest in ‘Bitcoin,’ sorted by country. Source: Google Trends

In 2023, the field of artificial intelligence became significant for developments, ranging from concerns that AI might take away jobs from many professionals, but we won’t see that, at least in the next 5–10 years. By the way, many have taken notice of various AI services, showcasing active utilization of new chatbots, including ChatGPT, Google Bard, Meta AI, and GrokAI. Technology billionaire Elon Musk launched the latter and completely shattered stereotypes about artificial intelligence.

countries interested in Ai

countries’ interest in Generative AI, sorted by countries. Source: Visualcapitalistnterested in AI

Crypto user on X (formerly Twitter) Autism Capital was one of the first to point out the trend in searches for “AI” in their post on December 26, addressing their followers.

You’ve probably also noticed that people started using this phrase more often this year. One of the commenters under Autism Capital’s post speculated that the increased interest in technology is related to the fact that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are relatively older subjects of interest compared to AI. This suggests that people have already actively studied cryptocurrency terms in previous years.

AI vs. Cryptocurrencies: A Comprehensive Look at Technology Trends

The post on X (formerly Twitter) from CoinGecko.

According to the analysis of cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinGecko, published on X (formerly known as Twitter), AI also emerged as a clear winner among jobseekers in July.

It was found that the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 led to a surge in search queries for “AI jobs,” surpassing the number of “crypto job” queries fourfold.

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in the Modern World from Influential Figures

Like Elon Musk, another prominent co-founder, Bill Gates, has also shared his views on AI. The Microsoft co-founder published his predictions regarding the development of artificial intelligence in the upcoming year, stating that, in his opinion, AI technology can make the world “fairer.”

According to Gates, the main lesson to be learned from AI usage, especially in the global healthcare industry, is that AI products should be more tailored to the people who will use them.

“If I had to make a prediction, in high-income countries like the United States, I would guess that we have 18–24 months until a significant level of AI usage by the population as a whole,” he said. He added that in African countries, he expects to see a “comparable level of usage” in about three years. “It’s still a gap, but it’s much shorter than the lag time we’ve seen with other innovations.”

While it is still too early to conclude, Gates noted that the current year provided an insight into what tasks artificial intelligence can perform independently and how it can act as a “co-pilot.” He emphasized that the industry still has a “long way to go,” facing challenges such as scaling projects without compromising their quality and ensuring access to server-side functionality with long-term functionality.

In previous statements throughout the year, Gates announced the beginning of the “Era of Artificial Intelligence,” calling this technology “revolutionary, similar in impact to mobile phones and the Internet.”

Over the past year, the rapid development of generative artificial intelligence has led to radical changes in various industries worldwide. Examples range from using artificial intelligence in India for more accurate weather forecasting to creating entirely artificial newsrooms. Even the Pope did not stay on the sidelines, expressing his opinion on the impact of this technology.

Specifically, Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, warned humanity about the potential dangers of AI and explained what needs to be done to control it.

The Pope wants to see an international agreement regulating AI to ensure its ethical development and use. Otherwise, he said, we risk entering a spiral of “technological dictatorship.” The threat of AI arises when developers have a “desire for profit or thirst for power” that dominates over the desire to exist freely and peacefully, he added.

Undoubtedly, regulation is a necessary step for the transparent and safe use of technologies, as well as building trust for users in all countries.

By the way, returning to Bill Gates, in his letter, he also described his thoughts on the development of AI, emphasizing that we are currently in an exciting and perplexing time when technologies never cease to amaze us.

“Of course, AI is by no means the only defining feature of 2023. Millions of people continue to experience unbearable grief as a result of Russia’s war with Ukraine and other conflicts. My heart is broken over the ongoing suffering of Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the people of Sudan. At the same time, more and more people are forced to endure hardships due to the increasing extreme weather events caused by climate change. Families around the world still suffer greatly from rising inflation and slowing economic growth. There is no doubt that these are difficult times, but I remain optimistic about the future. The pace of innovation has never been so high. We are achieving significant successes in solving complex problems like Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, and sickle cell anemia, which will improve the lives of millions of people.”, — Bill Gates’ wrote on letter dated December 19, 2023.

3 Real Examples of AI Use in Cryptography

Anyone attempting to interpret the ocean of data derived from financial transactions on the blockchain knows that while having an immutable and transparent record is one thing, being able to analyze and comprehend it is an entirely different matter.

Artificial intelligence analytics tools are ideally suited for aggregating and interpreting patterns, trends, and anomalies in data. They also have the potential to suggest strategies and ideas for market participants.

CipherTrace Armada X Feedzai Partnership

The partnership between CipherTrace Armada (Mastercard’s platform) and AI firm Feedzai exemplifies the use of AI in analyzing, detecting, and preventing fraudulent or money laundering-related cryptocurrency transactions across various exchanges.

  • Significance: This collaboration highlights the practical application of AI in enhancing security measures within the crypto space, providing a robust defense against illicit activities. for Crypto Volatility Forecasting utilizes machine learning to predict the volatility of the 12 largest cryptocurrencies. Additionally, its Range Report employs ChatGPT-4 for analyzing trends and generating buy/sell signals.

  • Significance: This showcases how AI-powered tools can be employed for predictive analytics in the crypto market, aiding investors and traders in making informed decisions based on market trends.

WhiteBIT X Diamond Pig’s

The partnership between one of the largest European cryptocurrency exchanges, WhiteBIT, and the AI-powered platform Diamond Pigs entails the utilization of an artificial intelligence-driven platform operating on several leading exchanges.

  • Significance: This example demonstrates the integration of AI in cryptocurrency platforms to provide users with customizable and transparent experiences, showcasing the potential for enhanced user engagement and satisfaction.


In the ever-evolving world of technology in 2023, a significant shift in public interest occurred: artificial intelligence (AI) took a central place in online searches and discussions. This community preference reflects the growing importance of AI in the collective consciousness.

Among influential figures, many share their visions of AI and make predictions for the coming years, emphasizing its potential for humanity. Bill Gates, for instance, underscores the necessity of creating individual AI products across various sectors, particularly in healthcare.

Additionally, the regulation of AI is crucial, as emphasized by figures like the Pope, who speaks about the importance of transparency, safety, and trust in the global implementation of these technologies.

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