Binance CEO Resorts to the Appeal for a Jailed Compliance Officer in Nigeria as an Advocacy Strategy

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Binance CEO Resorts to the Appeal for a Jailed Compliance Officer in Nigeria as an Advocacy Strategy

According to the chief executive officer of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, Richard Teng, a colleague of his, Tigran Gambaryan, is still being kept in detention in Nigeria despite having spent over seventy days there. Cole Teng, the lawyer, strongly claims that Gambaryan, Binance’s financial crime surveillance manager, has nothing to do with the case and was wrongfully charged. This leads to international mistrust and causes human rights violations for foreign business representatives.

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Binance Executives Detained Upon Landing in Nigeria

As Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla, the Africa regional manager at Binance, landed, they were arrested, and this was supposedly meant to be a policy forum where they would share their expertise with the authorities. This detention calls to mind concerns about security and fairness as far as international business people are treated in the country. The incident has, however, vindicated the criticism of the country’s approach towards foreign investors and business enterprises in operation within its geographical boundaries.

Gambaryan is just one of the parts in which Binance falls under Nigerian regulations. Despite endeavors to assimilate local rules, the environment for Binance has been blamed for various reasons and the hurdles to operating. Consequently, Teng temporarily suspended some of Binance’s operations in Nigeria by way of a friendly gesture so that the authorities would liberate his colleagues and resolve the prevailing uncertainties.  


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As Binance continues to walk the prickly path of diplomatic and legal issues, the global crypto community keeps a close eye out for its progress. Despite the present circumstances, the Company remains relentless in securing the freedom of its staff, including Gambaryan, and guaranteeing the safety of its employees worldwide. This situation highlights the intricacy of business-as-usual operations and their possible integration among multiple regulatory environments.

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