BTCPay Server Foundation Receives $100k Grant From Tether

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BTCPay Server Foundation Receives $100k Grant From Tether

Tether, the powerhouse behind the US dollar-pegged cryptocurrency USDT, has made a substantial announcement. The organization revealed that it has granted a remarkable sum of $100,000 to the BTCPay Server Foundation.

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This foundation is renowned for its creation of the world’s most popular open-source payment processor software, facilitating transactions in both Bitcoin and USDT on Liquid. This move has sent ripples of excitement throughout the cryptocurrency landscape, signaling a growing demand for merchant-related crypto payments in today’s market.

Driving Technological Advancements

Tether’s decision to extend this grant to the BTC Pay Server Foundation underscores its recognition of the pivotal role played by Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in propelling technological progress. By democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies, Tether aims to fuel the development of open-source payment gateways, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and security for users worldwide.


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Tether’s CEO Speaks Out

Paolo Ardoino, the CEO of Tether, emphasized the organization’s commitment to the open-source community and its belief in the transformative power of technology. He expressed Tether’s vision of investing in the future of digital payments and empowering developers to craft innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of users globally.

Gratitude from BTCPay Server Foundation

R0ckstar Dev, a core contributor and founding member of the BTC Pay Server Foundation, expressed deep gratitude to Tether for recognizing the foundation’s significance as a Bitcoin FOSS project. He hailed the generous grant, stating that it empowers the foundation to focus on its mission of enabling anyone to accept Bitcoin, irrespective of geographic, political, or financial barriers.

A Strategic Vision

Tether’s partnership with the BTC Pay Server Foundation marks a significant milestone in its journey to bolster and enhance the FOSS community. This collaboration underscores Tether’s strategic vision and dedication to nurturing a financial era characterized by accessibility and fairness for all participants in the global crypto landscape.

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Tether’s generous grant to the BTC Pay Server Foundation signals a bright future for Bitcoin and USDT payments. As the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to evolve, such initiatives play a crucial role in driving innovation and expanding the reach of digital payments. With Tether’s support, the BTC Pay Server Foundation is poised to further revolutionize the world of open-source payment processing, empowering users and merchants alike.

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