Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month


Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

After the longest “bear” market and global turbulence, crypto investors and enthusiasts can finally breathe a sigh of relief amid unexpected regulatory changes.

We anticipate several positive developments in 2024, including the SEC’s long-awaited approval of a Bitcoin ETF.

Everyone craves a bit of magic, regardless of age! Many trust tarot cards to glimpse into the future, especially investors in Thailand. Some are avid followers of Maren Altman, who created her astrological charts.

I remain skeptical, as do many crypto enthusiasts. However, as we approach the new year, wrapping ourselves in a cozy blanket to enjoy a cup of cocoa and read a positive horoscope forecast seems delightful.


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In the Year of the Dragon, known for its ambition and desire to establish its own rules, crypto communities may find a patron that could lead to a decisive victory over the SEC.

Every asset in 2024 is expected to experience ups and downs, a normal occurrence in the volatile and unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

Without further ado, let’s embark on our magical journey, exploring predictions for the 12 zodiac signs and assets with comprehensive insights for 2024.

Capricorn (December 22–January 20)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Navigating The Year of The Dragon

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency born on January 3, 2009, aligns with Capricorn.

For Capricorns, 2024 promises the full realization of their true potential. It’s time to showcase talents, as they will finally be recognized, but decisions should be made wisely, not settling for less and knowing one’s worth.

In the Year of the Green Dragon, Capricorns will continue their spiritual quests that began in 2023. Challenges from past years will lead them to psychology, energy practices, and yoga.

Caution is advised in July and August; focus on learning, expanding knowledge, and enhancing skills during this time.

Based on this prediction, the April BTC halving is expected to be successful, and Bitcoin’s bullish run may continue.

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Navigating The Year of The Dragon

Price BTC 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Capricorns are advised to embrace the motto: “And let the whole world wait. Give yourself a moment to set aside all tasks and simply enjoy what’s happening!”

Aquarius (January 21–February 18)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

DASH, a well-known cryptocurrency, emerged on January 22, 2014, making it the representative of Aquarius.

For Aquarians, 2024 may bring a period of stagnation. While stars promise strengthened family ties and resolution of old conflicts, financial prosperity is questionable in the Year of the Dragon.

Focus on long-term partnerships, seek new housing, engage in friendly negotiations, and strengthen connections with the immediate environment. However, wallets won’t necessarily get thicker. A slight improvement may occur in July, perhaps a vacation?

Astrologers recommend dedicating time to self-discovery and relaxation. If financial prospects are dim, focus on what’s often neglected — your health. Legal issues may arise, so strict adherence to the law and careful reading of agreements are crucial.

DASH price chart

Price DASH 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

For Dash and its investors, the year might be uneventful. If anonymity in cryptocurrencies is preferred, and excitement is sought, perhaps considering Monero would be wise. It may bring more excitement in 2024 but be prepared for a roller coaster ride in its price.

Aquarius’ motto for the year: “Reevaluating reality shouldn’t drain all your energy; remember to return to the present and live this life.”

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

Polygon announced the launch of its cryptocurrency on March 17, 2019, making MATIC the representative of Pisces.

For Pisces, like any other Water sign, the Year of the Dragon promises vivid moments and improved health. However, good health is essential for financial success, especially after prolonged exposure to screens and trading desks.

New cars may have to wait another year, but Pisces can indulge in a long-delayed coffee maker and planner.

With the need to reconsider workloads, personal commitments, and strategic plans, ample coffee will be necessary. Astrologers ensure that a new financial strategy and responsible decision-making skills will be vital.

Income growth may start from October, with the only condition being to avoid taking on new debts during that time.

matic price chart

Price MATIC 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

The stars suggest that trading MATIC with high leverage might be risky. Pisces should gather strength in a comfortable aquarium, hoping for a new golden fish to emerge from the roe next year.

Pisces’ motto for the Year of the Green Dragon: “Circumstances affecting all aspects of life may arise during the year, requiring decisions. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart’s guidance in choices, without being swayed by circumstances or gain.”

Aries (March 21–April 20)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

The beta version of Solana emerged under the sign of Aries on April 8, 2020. According to astrologers, Aries is poised for success and happiness in 2024.

However, January and February are perilous due to accumulated fatigue from physical and intellectual overloads in December. Ambitious and active individuals of this sign are advised to take a break during this time.

A breakthrough is predicted in the spring, with excellent opportunities for additional income opening up for Aries. Positive aspects extend to relationships with others, anticipating support from the community and partners not just in words but in deeds.

Challenges will be met with the right people and opportunities to overcome them. The stars align favorably for Aries, promising success and pleasant experiences.

By autumn, there may be accumulated payments from previous commitments, so preparation in advance is essential — perhaps cryptocurrency staking on an exchange could help.

solana price chart

Price SOL 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Astrologers suggest that summer is a time for personal growth. Could SOL become the official cryptocurrency of the Paris Olympics? That would be fantastic!

The motto for all born under the sign of Solana in 2024: “My temperament will help me achieve success.”

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

Monero (XMR) entered our world and declared its birth on April 21, 2014.

For Taurus, 2024 will be a year of surprises. Early in the year, financial difficulties may arise, but overall, the first half will be successful for Taurus.

Those in business may find new clients, launch profitable projects, or establish successful partnerships. This applies to Monero as well, as the entire community awaits the appointment of a new project leader after the legendary Ricardo Spagni stepped down.

Summer will bring optimism for Taurus. They will exhibit determination and responsibility, establishing new influential connections that will positively impact their finances, leading to notable success. Competitors will envy and lag.

Monero price chart

Price XRM 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

However, caution is advised in autumn and winter. During this time, it’s better to refrain from ambitious plans and resist temptations, especially in business and career, to avoid the risk of ending up on the sidelines of life’s success.

The Taurus motto for the upcoming year: “All your efforts will not be in vain and will yield results. Everything has its time.”

Gemini (May 22–June 21)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

Algorand (ALGO) delighted us with its presence on June 17, 2019.

The Year of the Green Wooden Dragon for Gemini individuals will be dynamic and unpredictable. Success in business and career will require hard work and effort.

Astrologers strongly discourage abrupt decisions like quitting a job, as another opportunity may turn out worse. If contemplating a new business venture, it’s advisable to postpone it until autumn; otherwise, investments may go in vain.

Family matters may not be entirely smooth, especially in the first half of the year — arguments and scandals may erupt suddenly.

Gemini individuals will feel most comfortable in June and the first half of autumn, when partners accidentally see positive PnL on the screen, improving mutual understanding.

algorand price chart

Price ALGO 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Practical benefits for ALGO investors seem to involve becoming long-term holders. Remember a few affirmations for reassurance, like “Trading cryptocurrencies means embracing Nakamoto’s ideas” or “The cryptocurrency market is here to stay; let my ALGO stay in staking or crypto deposits.”

Gemini’s motto for the Year of the Green Dragon: “Is it better to have a bird in the hand than a crane in the sky, right?”

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

Next on the list is the most stable player in crypto — Tether, born on July 20, 2014.

For all Cancers, the upcoming 2024 is a time for responsible choices. The first quarter requires extra attention, as much depends on the sign’s ability to stay composed, make balanced decisions, and maintain emotional equilibrium amid pressure from bosses, family, and friends.

Although astrologers don’t explain why poor Cancers face moral pressure, they warn against cryptocurrency trading while driving due to an increased risk of accidents.

This state may persist until the second half of the year when, as promised by the stars, the situation will ease. However, caution is still advised, and financial matters require careful handling.

USDT chart

Price USDT 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Pressure from regulators on Tether may intensify, and the team may take stricter measures to maintain stability, such as wallet blocking, asset freezing, and collaboration with authorities.

Nevertheless, if you’re not engaged in unlawful activities, there’s no reason to worry. Cancers are resilient and survive both in water and on land, possessing stability.

Cancer’s motto for 2024: “Who doesn’t take risks doesn’t drink champagne!”

Leo (July 23–August 23)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

The second most popular coin on the crypto market, Ethereum, emerged on July 30, 2015.

For Leo, 2024 holds a turbulent yet overall prosperous year. The winter will pose financial challenges, requiring constant decision-making and choices. Caution is needed in all investment-related matters.

During this time, opportunities will arise to strengthen community ties and make profitable long-term agreements with reliable partners. It’s an ideal period for Ethereum to initiate new collaborations and joint projects!

From April to July, there is a favorable period for crypto-Leos, during which interesting ideas may emerge, capable of bringing long-term profits.

Ethereum price chart

Price ETH 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

The autumn and winter of 2024 may present challenges for the cryptocurrency Ethereum, such as hacking attempts and development failures. Achieving the goal of 10,000 TPS is likely, but a tenfold reduction in gas costs, as claimed by Buterin, seems unlikely.

The motto for Ethereum in the Year of the Dragon: “In a situation that is hard to understand, pretend that everything is going according to plan!”

Virgo (August 24–September 22)

Crypto Horoscopes 2024: Corresponding Cryptocurrencies For Each Month

The cryptocurrency that has caught the SEC’s attention, XRP, entered the world on September 18, 2013.

The Year of the Dragon has prepared many events for Virgos. Representatives of this sign will have the chance to showcase their best qualities, which will be duly appreciated.

This period offers an opportunity to enhance professional skills and acquire new competencies. However, Virgos may also face possible gossip, slander, and even legal actions.

Despite potential challenges, there are positive moments. Success in collaboration with foreign companies is possible this year, along with lucrative opportunities in import and export (including deposits and withdrawals).

Clarity in prospects may not come until summer, and by autumn, the financial situation will stabilize, bringing tangible benefits from established connections.

If this prediction holds, Ripple’s legal battles with the SEC will continue, meaning Brad Garlinghouse shouldn’t rest on his laurels too early. At least until the period of summer vacations for SEC officials.

XRP price chart

Price XRP 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Astrologers suggest that Virgos should prioritize themselves until October.

Virgo’s motto for 2024: “If you strive and climb to the top, you may get intoxicated with dizzying success.”

Libra (September 23–October 23)

libra horoscope

Say hello to Cardano, Libra, as it entered the world on September 29, 2015.

For those born from September 23 to October 22, this year is a time of confidence and a desire to always be in the spotlight.

It seems that even if Libras bury their coins under a tree in Fool’s Country, it will bring significant profit. The Year of the Dragon presents favorable prospects for financial operations, long-term projects, and business connections.

Searches for sponsors and partners for Libra startups will be successful, as people will be willing to invest in their ideas.

However, caution with expenses is advised in summer, although the overall year promises success for financial enterprises, according to astrologers’ warnings.

Cardano (ADA), though participating in the December bull run, hasn’t been noticed among the fastest and boldest.

Its founder, Charles Hoskinson, not only engaged in conflicts with the crypto community but also began encroaching on the rights of users of his blockchain. Fortune favors Libras, but only when they are in the right mood, and at other times — “goodbye.”

Cardano price chart

Price ADA 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Therefore, keep a close eye on ADA and remember that the motto for this sign in the Year of the Dragon is: “Libras will not miss opportunities for updates in any field!”

Scorpio (October 24–November 22)

scorpio horoscope

Celestia (TIA) — Scorpio, first appeared on the market on October 31, 2023.

For Scorpios, 2024 will be a year of effort. The cryptocurrency is still very young, with much to go through, and investors see its potential.

With its listing on various platforms, including popular exchanges like Binance, WhiteBIT, and OKX, TIA has gained recognition.

This year, persistent work and the establishment of promising partnerships will set the tone for the project.

After a series of listings, the first half of the year may be relatively uneventful, but in the second half, Scorpios’ motivation will significantly increase. Additionally, luck will be on their side — this year is excellent for realizing new projects.

celestia price chart

Price TIA 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

How should investors act in this situation?

Caution and emotional restraint are recommended. Opportunities for new investments may unfold in October. It’s also crucial to remember another valuable asset — health. There’s a risk of deteriorating well-being, so a medical examination is necessary.

For all crypto-scorpios, this year is best spent with the motto: “I must listen to the rhythm of the crypto world.”

Sagittarius (November 23–December 21)

Sagittarius (November 23–December 21)

Elon Musk’s favorite asset, Dogecoin, was launched on December 6, 2013. Therefore, it’s Sagittarius.

For Sagittarius, 2024 is a year of fruitful work, time, and global changes. The beginning will be lively for Sagittarius — magnificent well-being, a surge of vitality, and positive financial outcomes.

New projects and collaborations will appear rapidly, akin to popcorn exploding in a machine. From January to April is a time of dizzying victories and tempting offers.

But from May, it’s advisable to slow down because a significant turn may await crypto-Sagittarius. Adjusting goals and reviewing strategies will be necessary. Hasty decisions and reveling in past victories should be avoided. However, this is universal advice for all times.

If Sagittarius avoids critical mistakes in summer, autumn will be a time to reap the harvest and count the gains.

As an example of this prediction, consider one of the most famous meme coins — Dogecoin. If favorable circumstances lead to Blockstream launching satellite nodes for Dogecoin, similar to Bitcoin, it could secure a bull market for the coin.

Additionally, the launch of Libdogecoin, a comprehensive set of protocols for DOGE integration into various systems and apps, is anticipated in 2024.

dogecoin price chart

Price DOGE 8.01.2024. Source: Tradingview

Thus, the Year of the Green Dragon foretells being extremely productive for the project, providing investors with an excellent opportunity for the asset’s pump.

The motto for Sagittarius will be the familiar phrase for runners: “On your mark, attention, go!”


Having weathered the prolonged “bear” market and global uncertainties, the crypto community can finally breathe with optimism in 2024. Anticipated positive changes, such as the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF by the SEC, signal a turning point.

Amidst the mystical predictions for each zodiac sign and its corresponding crypto, one thing remains clear: the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market persists.

While some signs may face challenges, others are poised for success. Whether guided by the stars or skepticism, investors embark on a magical journey into the Year of the Green Dragon, hoping for fruitful endeavors and favorable outcomes. May the crypto market play in everyone’s favor this year. Wishing you fantastic trading!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on astrology and subjective information about cryptocurrencies. The horoscope is intended for humorous purposes, and the responsibility for financial decisions made based on the horoscope lies with the reader.

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