Fed Official Kashkari Doubts Bitcoin’s Role as Stable Currency Alternative

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Fed Official Kashkari Doubts Bitcoin’s Role as Stable Currency Alternative

Last updated on May 18th, 2024 at 12:44 pm

Neel Kashkari, the president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, has recently expressed his strong disagreement with Bitcoin, saying that it has “little practical use” and is neither a good investment vehicle nor a working currency.

Federal Reserve’s Kashkari Criticizes Bitcoin’s Role in Financial System

A candid conversation was held in which Kashkari expressed his worries about Bitcoin’s position in the financial system. His criticism is that Bitcoin has yet to be able to carry out the role of a stable method of transaction or a reliable store of value, which are the two basic features of traditional currencies. This doubt from a big name in the Federal Reserve shows the strong opposition between conventional financial institutions and the growing world of cryptocurrencies.

Kashkari noted the cryptocurrency’s unstable prices and low acceptance among merchants and consumers for regular transactions, which considerably reduces its usefulness compared to traditional currencies. His words show a general reluctance of the financial sector to accept Bitcoin even though investors widely use it, and its presence in the mainstream financial discourse is increasing.

This view is very significant, coming from a Federal Reserve official, as it may shape the public and the institutions’ opinions on Bitcoin and other similar digital assets. The skepticism also suggests that there might be some problems in future regulatory measures and the total integration of cryptocurrencies into the regulated financial landscape.


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As debates about the practical uses of cryptocurrencies continue, Kashkari’s remarks are a crucial reminder of the problems that Bitcoin and its peers have to solve to get accepted by the mainstream. These talks are key for both cryptocurrency supporters and regulators since they are dealing with the difficult relationship between innovation and stability in the financial sector.

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