German Government Continues Bitcoin Sell-Off Despite Legislative Pushback

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German Government Continues Bitcoin Sell-Off Despite Legislative Pushback

The German government has made some strives to take advantage of its Bitcoin sell-off strategy, which has been proven to be aggressive despite the advice from some lawmakers to retain it as a technology reserve. Data from Arkham Intelligence show that Germany sent an additional 547 Bitcoins today and had 41,220 Bitcoins valued at approximately $2.3 billion today.

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The need to sell Bitcoins in Germany at strategic times due to market unpredictability

The recent trades were executed via the market maker Flow Traders, which has an estimated 2,917 Bitcoins worth around $30 million. This is part of a strategic move that the government was conducting to swap Bitcoins from one wallet to another and exchange them with Cryptocurrency markets such as Kraken, Bitstamp, and Coinbase.

The decision to sell off has attracted some controversies, given the political circles within Germany. Yesterday, lawmaker Joana Cotar spoke with the government: tests were counterproductive, especially when other countries are thinking about adding Bitcoin to their strategic ones. Cotar has conveyed these issues to dignitaries within the German provinces, such as Saxony’s Minister-President Michael Kretschmer, Finance Minister Christian Lindner, and Chancellor Olaf Scholz.


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Still, some criticisms have been presented against the actions of the German government that continues to implement the liquidation plans. It has been estimated that in the first week of July, it completed about 4,000 BTC transactions. Accompanied by Mt. Gox’s ongoing repayment, a mass panic sell-off within the cryptocurrency market has ensued. According to data from Intrtotheblock, more than 30,000 bitcoins have been cashed out into exchanges this week.

Speculators have questioned the degree to which the German market is to blame for the recent decline in Bitcoin value. The rise and sell-offs can be predicted, according to an observation made by a renowned Bitcoin supporter, Samson Mow, stating that there is a particular time when markets are suppressed, especially during Asian market hours and the New York Stock Exchange. This raises the possibility that such outcomes are arranged purposely to manipulate Bitcoin prices.

Mow also observed that several Bitcoins have returned to wallets from exchanges, a sign that the market might not be ready for a complete sell-off. He suggests that this dip could result from strategic movements by large holders that could eventually lead to further liquidations and forced selling.

As the German government continues with its Bitcoin sell-off, the broader implications for the cryptocurrency market remain a topic of active discussion and analysis. The situation highlights the delicate balance between governmental financial strategies and market dynamics in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investment.

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