Jack Dorsey Forecasts Bitcoin to Hit $1 Million by 2030

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Jack Dorsey Forecasts Bitcoin to Hit $1 Million by 2030

Last updated on May 18th, 2024 at 12:45 pm

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and current CEO of financial services firm Block, has made a bold prediction regarding the future price of Bitcoin. In a recent interview with journalist Mike Solana on Pirate Wires, Dorsey stated that he believes Bitcoin could reach a minimum value of $1 million by the year 2030. His confidence in Bitcoin stems not just from its potential as an investment but also from the collaborative nature of its ecosystem. According to Dorsey, the communal effort to improve Bitcoin enhances its overall value and stability, which, in turn, could drive its price significantly higher.

Dorsey elaborated that while many focus on Bitcoin’s price, its true value lies in its ecosystem, which promotes collective enhancement. This aspect of Bitcoin, as Dorsey points out, makes it more than just a financial instrument but a movement that benefits from the contributions of its community. This, he argues, is what will ultimately drive the price upwards, making it an attractive long-term investment.

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Jack Dorsey’s Vision for Decentralization and Bluesky

The concept of decentralization is central to Jack Dorsey’s vision, not only for cryptocurrencies but also for social media. His involvement with Bluesky, a decentralized social network, aimed to redefine social media dynamics by reducing censorship through an open-source protocol. However, Dorsey recently announced his departure from Bluesky’s board, citing that the project needed to be revised to its original goal of true decentralization. According to him, Bluesky began to mirror traditional corporate structures, incorporating moderation tools and other elements that contradicted his vision for an unmoderated, decentralized network.


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Dorsey expressed disappointment with Bluesky’s trajectory, highlighting that it was beginning to replicate the very issues he sought to avoid with Twitter. He contrasted Bluesky with Nostr, a decentralized social platform he now favors, which adheres strictly to principles of anonymity and lacks centralized control. Dorsey’s critique of Bluesky underscores his commitment to genuine decentralization and his belief in the power of open-source protocols to foster more liberated and uncontrolled forms of digital interaction.

Regulatory Challenges and Block’s Strategy

Jack Dorsey’s fintech company, Block, has recently been under scrutiny by U.S. federal prosecutors concerning allegations of compliance violations in its payment divisions, Square and Cash App. Despite these challenges, Dorsey remains optimistic about the role of Bitcoin in the financial landscape. On May 2, he informed shareholders that Block plans to reinvest 10% of its gross profit from Bitcoin-related products back into purchasing more Bitcoin every month. This strategy not only underscores his bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s future but also reflects a strong commitment to integrating Bitcoin into Block’s business model.

The investigation into Block poses questions about the regulatory hurdles that fintech companies face, especially those dealing in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, Dorsey’s proactive strategy of increasing Bitcoin holdings demonstrates his belief in its long-term value and potential to reshape financial transactions.

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