UK High Court Judge Rules that Craig Wright Lied “Extensively and Repeatedly” in COPA Lawsuit

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UK High Court Judge Rules that Craig Wright Lied “Extensively and Repeatedly” in COPA Lawsuit

Craig Wright, who allegedly is Bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, has been found to have lied “excessively and continuously” during a trial over his copyright infringement claims to Bitcoin’s source code and white paper by a UK High Court Judge James Mellor. In a written judgment released Monday, Judge Mellor explained the March ruling that he previously made, stating that Wright is not the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym. The judgment mentioned Wright’s “blatant fabrications” and “forgeries” of documents as essential factors in the decision.

Judge Mellor’s Ruling and Its Implications

Judge Mellor explained that all of Wright’s lies and forged documents revolved around the false claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto. This decision ended a lengthy legal battle concerning the intellectual rights of the Bitcoin blockchain and database. During the trial, the defense produced some documents that allegedly supported Wright’s position–documents with fonts that could not have been used at the time and metadata that indicated that some of the documents were created just before the trial.

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COPA filed the lawsuit against Wright in February 2021 to prevent him from making bogus copyright claims over the Bitcoin whitepaper and code. Since 2019, Wright has initiated numerous lawsuits against various developers in a bid to acquire control over the Bitcoin network and suppress critics. The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund pointed out that these lawsuits scared developers from developing the Bitcoin network’s potential.


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The Litigious Nature of Wright and Its Impact on Bitcoin Developers.

Moreover, Judge Mellor recognized the detrimental effect of Wright’s litigation tactics on Bitcoin developers. He also pointed out that Wright was acting litigiously, which was another reason for ruling in favor of COPA. I do not think the possibility exists that Satoshi would have resorted to litigation against the developers,” Judge Mellor stated. Satoshi would have known that differences in opinions resulted in the division of the Bitcoin network and allowed it to move forward.

Finally, the appeal of the UK High Court’s judgment against Craig Wright is indicative of the significance of integrity in legal claims concerning the Bitcoin blockchain. Mellor’s ruling is not only sufficient to refute Wright’s claims but also highlights the importance of transparency and cooperation within the Bitcoin community.

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