Artificial Intelligence: Will It Replace Humans In Their Jobs?


Artificial Intelligence: Will It Replace Humans In Their Jobs?

Technologies and neural networks continue to evolve and become part of our lives. Artificial intelligence, like any other new technology, has caused a storm of different emotions when introduced into various spheres of human life.

Despite its slow penetration into our lives, its tools are nothing new. Every day we use them without even thinking about it. For example, Google Maps uses artificial intelligence to analyze traffic speed, possible repairs, etc. And Spotify, which analyzes our music preferences every day and recommends similar music that we might like. So, is artificial intelligence a bad thing?

Artificial Intelligence As a Human Competitor For Jobs and Skills

According to a January 2024 report by CVL Economics, 36% of entertainment industry leaders using Gen AI report a decrease in the need for skills in daily tasks. The study surveyed 300 leaders in six entertainment sectors. It turned out that 75% of them faced job cuts due to Gen AI tools.

The film and animation industries have been the hardest hit by artificial intelligence. Last year, shortly after the launch of ChatGPT, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) went on strike over AI developments that could affect their jobs and safety.


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Even after recent favorable contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, WGA, and SAG-AFTRA members are still concerned about the uncertainty of Gen AI’s impact on the film and television industry.

The report notes that 55% of executives predict that sound engineers will suffer the most in the next three years. More than 40% consider music editors, audio technicians, and sound engineers to be the most vulnerable, while 33% expect songwriters, composers, and studio engineers to be affected.

Another 44% of respondents believe that Gen AI can provide realistic dubbing in different languages for movies and TV shows. The report also mentions layoffs at such well-known companies as Riot Games, Unity Software, Amazon MGM Studios, Pixar, and Universal Music Group in early 2024. CVL Economics said that further job cuts are expected in the coming months.

AI and Blockchain Partnership

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two powerful technologies that can be integrated to open up new opportunities and improve many industries by increasing transparency, efficiency, and security.

The combination of these two technologies can increase security transparency and transform industries, leading to greater efficiency and innovation.

Some of the best use cases of AI in Blockchain include:

  • AI for reliable security in the blockchain: Blockchain is called an immutable technology that makes it impossible to change historical data. Nevertheless, AI enhances this immutability by detecting and preventing fraudulent activities in real time. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow us to analyze user behavior patterns and take preventive measures in cases of suspicion. AI uses historical data to predict potential threats. By analyzing previous cyberattacks and their methods, AI can predict future attacks and prepare for them.
  • Improving the execution of smart contracts with AI: To increase efficiency and make smart contract execution smarter, AI tools monitor smart contracts by closely tracking transactions. They can detect unauthorized actions, triggering alerts for immediate action. AI bots can automatically correct minor mistakes and thus ensure the extension of the contract without human intervention.
  • Tokenization of assets: Artificial intelligence plays a key role in asset tokenization. It allows for the identification, valuation, and management of these tokens with extreme accuracy. Artificial intelligence algorithms can analyze various factors, including market trends, asset health, and historical data, to determine the value of each token. This makes even more expensive assets more accessible to a wider range of investors.

Many companies are already combining blockchain and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and strengthen cybersecurity protocols. For example:

CertiK is a company that specializes in blockchain security and provides audit services for smart contracts and blockchain protocols. They use formal verification and artificial intelligence technology to protect and monitor blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications.

Formal verification provides a high level of assurance that a program or system is working properly. Artificial intelligence technology analyzes and detects patterns in code and network behavior to help identify potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

CertiK also uses artificial intelligence technology to monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts in real-time to ensure ongoing security and detect threats.

WhiteBIT, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe, announced on February 8 the rebranding of their blockchain WB Network. From now on, the blockchain will be called Whitechain. They explained that this is not just a change in the name of the blockchain, but a new step in Web3’s market positioning, product development, ecosystem strategy, and interaction with the community.

However, the name change will not be the only thing. New products are planned to be launched, as well as ecosystem development activities and educational initiatives. Shortly, the platform will also release a RoadMap that will highlight all the important stages of Whitechain development for the next year. 

It is also planned to launch fundamental protocols for many existing use cases and integrate AI with smart contracts to significantly improve the user experience. is a platform that offers various services related to investment, blockchain, and AI. integrates blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions for investment and financial services.

WealthBlock’s AI automates content and maintains constant interaction with investors, while the blockchain provides the process of attracting investors and verifying their suitability. WealthBlock’s AI and blockchain combine to efficiently automate content and continuously improve investor referral suitability. 


The integration of artificial intelligence into human life is already an inevitable part of life. Even with all the dissatisfaction with this integration, we must understand that technology continues to evolve, and we, as humanity, must learn to coexist with it.

After all, humanity has always reacted strangely to the use of new technologies, such as a computer or a smartphone, but over time we have learned to benefit from their use. Could the same thing happen with artificial intelligence?

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Vladislav Hryniv is a digital journalist. For several years, he has worked as a copywriter for Web3 companies, where he gained interest in the industry. Currently, he writes articles on blockchain technology, finance, statistics, and digital asset analytics for various publications.