How to Purchase Crypto Before Release: Launchpads and their Wins


How to Purchase Crypto Before Release: Launchpads and their Wins

Crypto Launchpads – When meticulous analysis and insightfulness can pay well.

The crypto industry paved its road to mass usage through three core pillars of its success: security, freedom, and opportunity. For all walks of the sphere – investors, companies, enthusiasts – blockchain has slung the raft of mindset and altered the zeitgeist. Crypto for us and them is not only a new implication of money – it is a powerful technological core that unlocks an infinite number of revolutionary novelties and pioneering advances.

However, the cutting-edge sphere has its contrasting side – crypto can be an obscure piece of technology with an unjustly tarnished reputation caused by marketing fraudsters, ICO scams, and extreme volatility. Hence, the crypto entities are forced to face the challenges: investors carry out deep scrutiny of the market and its constant monitoring, enthusiasts surpass doubts and fears, and companies push through the thorns of scam projects to promote their ones. What if there was a magic pill that could level these typical issues?

The magic pill exists. At first glance, this feature seems not to be an obvious solution. But leaving aside all the bias, it turns out to be the comprehensive lifesaver – a lifesaver, which is referred to as a Launchpad.


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Knowing the Basics

What is a Launchpad?

Launchpad is a dedicated platform that expedites ICO (initial coin offerings) or IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings or Initial Exchange Offerings) by providing projects with direct access to potential investors and aiding their kickstart. Simply put, launchpad’s role is to maintain the investment into a certain crypto initiative, promote it, and assist throughout its ICO or IDO span. 

Launchpads can be called integral elements of the crypto industry’s flow no exaggeration. They are the cornerstones of start-ups’ vitality and essential parts of the crypto promotional ecosystem. Still, amidst claiming that Launchpad is a beneficial solution for all three crypto realm classes, a sound question arises – how do Launchpads contribute to the community and remain user-friendly? Let’s get deeper.

Benefits for Companies and Their Projects

As I’ve mentioned before, robust crypto products can be outweighed by the abundant scams’ promotion. Besides, start-ups may lack a proficient marketing strategy in the early stages of their development and actual funding. This is where Launchpads enter the stage and offer the marketing support and venture capital for the project – literally the most possibly advanced start on the path to growth.

Benefits for Investors

As a driving force of the crypto economy, investors do not resort to taking rash decisions based on market fluctuations. The meticulous analysis of the investment option and the project’s reputation are the foremost factors in choosing the right point to buy into. With the consistent maintenance of ICOs and IDOs and the wider spreading of technology, the chances of purchasing the asset at a lower fixed price or obtaining it through participation in community initiatives are increased.

Benefits for Crypto Community

It is worth highlighting that blockchain technology brought cutting-edge marketing strategies and cases into the industry, and Launchpad is just another top-notch toolkit for implementing PR campaigns. Given the fact that ICOs and IDOs envisage community involvement, Launchpad utilizes these criteria for building a solid base of investors and enthusiasts around the project.

Ultimately, the Launchpad is indeed a phenomenal concept within the crypto and marketing dimensions, which enhances them dramatically. As a great tool that facilitates the investment processes and promotion of crypto projects, it is pivotal to know and use the best launchpads. Hence, I present to you 5 operating and upcoming launchpad platforms which have my strong recommendation.

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5 operating and upcoming launchpad platforms to check out

1. Ethereum

How to Purchase Crypto Before Release: Launchpads and their Wins

Being powered by the Ethereum blockchain, this crypto Launchpad is distinct from the usage of smart contracts for maintaining token sales. The functional basis of this tool even unlocks the possibility to create a user-owned cryptocurrency and launch its IDO. This feature is a benefit not only from an educational or development point of view, but it also has a commercial and fundraising role – launching the personalized token may result in raising funds for a certain project’s growth.

2. DAO Maker

How to Purchase Crypto Before Release: Launchpads and their Wins

The hallmark of the DAO Maker launchpad is its technical approach. Remarkably, the service does not offer ICOs or IDOs, however, it focuses on Strong Holder Offerings (SHO). This method selects the most eligible investors who take an active part in the project initiatives and support its development. A real must-use for companies that prioritize close-knit community building and strong public relations.

3. Upcoming WhiteBIT Launchpad

whitebit launchpad

WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange, which is famous for its secure ecosystem of products, is about to release its Launchpad. There are not many details about the upcoming platform, yet the main (as of now) gig has been reported – it will be possible to purchase tokens of crypto projects at a fixed price before they are listed. Additionally, it is necessary to hold their native token $WBT in order to participate in Launchpad. A promising case in point of technology and community building fusion.

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4. OKX Launchpad

OKX Launchpad

The platform by one of the leading players in the crypto world, is a highly-efficient method of raising a crypto project’s brand awareness through promoting one to a great number of communities, inter alia OKX’s one. Apart from this, OKX offers effective maintenance of token sales and audience building, which is a mutually-beneficial synergy between marketing and crypto development.

5. Ignition Launchpad by Paid Network

Ignition Launchpad by Paid Network

Ignition Launchpad stands out by its simple dApp for users and businesses. Besides, the platform operates on Polkadot, Ethereum, Avalanche, and other chains to ensure its versatility. Paid Network’s launchpad “takes the crypto projects to the next level” and assists top-tier projects throughout their growth, not to mention the cutting-edge community-building implementation.


What is a crypto to you? For me, it is an emissary of a better world in the future, as its pillars: technology, flexibility, and crucial stimulator for other novelties to be integrated into different aspects of our fast-moving world. Accordingly, the launchpad is a crucial link between crowdfunding, blockchain, community market, and PR. Not only do launchpads build a strong community and level the fear index of crypto-users, but also contribute to the emergence of genuinely prominent and potentially successful projects.

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